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Beamz Interactive

Achieve Diverse Outcomes through Music

Beamz is an interactive music system that uses lasers to trigger musical instruments, sound effects, songs and more. Here’s the thing, it’s not about the music, it’s about using music to differentiate instruction, convey learning concepts, develop innovative therapy protocols and address the sensory needs of your special education population.

Music For Health

If you’re working in Occupational, Physical, Neurological, Music or Recreation Therapy—even providing in-home services—Beamz Interactive Music System is the perfect addition to your equipment. Beamz is being used in homes, schools, rehabilitation centers and hospitals across the country. Imagine treatment, intervention and maintenance plans that have your patients and clients working toward their functional objectives via music. Everyone knows that music moves the soul, but wait until you see how it moves the body and sharpens the mind!

Entertaining or Educational? Both!

Children love music and music videos. We’ve leveraged their innate appeal to those medias, and through interactivity, expanded that experience to deliver a whole new level of entertainment. In addition to being highly engaging, all of our early learning content is educational. Research shows that interplay with music cultivates creativity and improves cognition, reading and math skills. Beamz has a variety of Interactive Music Videos (IMVs), songs and activities that embed the critical building-block skills that promise to increase the likelihood of success your child will experience throughout their K-12 career. Our content collections address alphabetic principals, phonics, shapes, counting, life skills, early music education and more. There’s no accounting for taste, so we offer everything from vivid animation, to real life personalities and content delivered by other children—a little something for every child’s individual preference.

Use Beamz For Activities In A Variety Of Senior Care Settings

Retirement & Active Living Communities

“Progressive/Continuum Care” Communities

Day Camp Programs

Skilled Nursing Facilities

Rehabilitation Facilities

At Home Care Therapy Services