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BiLiPro develops innovative computer peripherals to assist with hands-free operations:

Featured Product... FootMouse!!

(USB slippermouse & buttons)

  -hands free
  -to assist with hand problems,
    including carpal tunnel syndrome

 -For Windows computers, download the

For Windows:

Download 'Footmouse Assistant' software application that customizes the buttons to work with most Win programs...

For Macs:

Select the Preferences in your program to set up the buttons as shortcuts.

At this time, there are no apps for Android or iPad for this device.

Featured Product... Page-turner!!

(USB foot switch)

Turn digital music score "pages" by foot

Advance slides (page up & down) presentations

Connect to any Mac or Win computer. Any program that responds to Page-Up & Page-Down keys will work.

Connect to iPad, using special pdf reader apps:

       Power Music by Cambron Software






       SheetMusic Direct


Note for Android devices: Page Turner pedal requires a powered USB port... so some Android tablets will work, most don't. For Android tablets, use MusicSheets app by Zubersoft.

Featured Product... Portable laptop stand!!!

Sturdy portable table with enough room for a standard 17" laptop.

(Computer not included).

Optional hood with supports to provide shade from the sun or bright stage lights for your laptop screen.

Featured Product... Custom Music Stand!!

Designed to hold your tablet, iPad, eReader, sheet music, and/or book securely.

More musicians and presenters are using the compact tablet, pad, and eReaders now instead of paper. Although tablets are convenient, however, most connections (power supply, external displays, USB Page-Turner pedal, etc.) are plugged into the outside of the case. That's why we cut out a rectanglular hole in the ledge of this music stand. This way, the connector, and its cord can drop down the pole, out of sight.

The music stand includes 2 elastic straps to hold your device in place. As well, there are 3 rubber strips on the stand to protect your tablet.

As an added benefit to holding the latest technological displays, this music stand can also hold sheet music & music books...


-with cutout to accomodate tablet computer's connector